Social Media Marketing

ALL businesses know that Google reviews (and sometimes Yelp reviews, depending on the industry) are important and have a direct influence on search placement. Plus, most Business owners, if they are being honest, will say that they do not want negative things being said about their business or themselves online and that negative reviews do turn away a certain percentage of prospective Customers every month. IT’S PERSONAL, whereas SEO isn’t as personal, which means emotional. As we all know…sales are emotional!

Finally, reputation marketing encourages the active promotion of your top testimonials in a way that will maintain a positive image of your business as well as raving fans speaking on behalf of the best that your business has to offer.

Now that we live in an era where people will accept and believe just about anything they read online, you must project a positive image and deal effectively with people that are posting and commenting about your business.

Typically, most small business owners do not have the time or even the knowledge of effectively track down negative comments or even neutral comments and enhance them in a way that will project a positive image.

Word-of-mouth has now migrated online; that is, hundreds of Facebook pages, blog posts, review sites, and dozens of other smaller search engines that could contain thousands of bits of information, all leading back to your business in a very negative manner!

All of these places are frequented by just about everyone online who can do simple searches. On the internet, content can be shared wildly back and forth and even a relatively small offense that is perceived by a customer or client can be magnified from a few small ripples to a massive tsunami of negative commentary.

It is absolutely imperative to maintain constant contact each and every comment, discussion, forum, reviews site, blog, YouTube video and dozens of other locations where this kind of information can be lurking.

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There are many people that will never engage the use of a home contractor or any other off-line business until they first check out what other people are saying about them.

This form of social proof is delivered electronically and instantaneously and is filled with judgments about millions of businesses online. And you know what? People will constantly repost the situation that reflects the negative, if they have been damaged or injured by a business. People love to share this kind of information on Facebook and other forms of social media so if you’re in business, beware!

You absolutely do need social proof in the form of online reviews.

Imagine having just provided an incredible service to a new customer! They are extremely happy that you just took care of whatever need they had!

There is no better time than that exact moment to capitalize on their happiness and encourage them to leave you a glowing review!

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